BOTANIQ is a special jewel in the selection of wedding venues. It is a fabulous venue, where the bride can feel like a princess, the groom can feel like a prince, and the invited guests can feel like aristocrats. We are well aware that there is nothing more important than the big day, therefore we provide the highest quality of service in order to make the wedding of the couple memorable.

    With our qualified and experienced team we do our best to make every moment of the wedding perfect – from planning to the end of the celebration we help you with realizing that everything will happen just like in your dreams.

    We cannot compromise when organising the perfect wedding, that’s why we cooperate with the best wedding service providers of Hungary. Culinary delights are offered by the imposing restaurant of our castle, where our chefs guarantee your dining experiences by using the most excellent ingredients.

    The decorative ballroom, the restaurant or the palm house can be idyllic for a smaller number of guests. The castle has 19 bedrooms, which guarantee comfortable accommodation for your beloved ones and your friends.

    Let’s prepare for the big day together!

    We also offer an opportunity to spend the day before the wedding in the castle – we can organise beauty and relaxation programmes for the couple on demand. Let’s make even your preparation special, feel free to contact us!