The area of the castle park can be divided into seven mood units: forest, tranquillity, journey, dream, game, time, and the valuable diamond, which itself is the castle and its surroundings.

    Visit the garden of BOTANIQ Castle of Tura and take a walk to discover the seven mood units.


    This is the cobbled portal of the castle, next to which the reception building welcomes us. Proceeding on the path, we can catch sight of the castle building emerging from the roses and colourful flower beds, taking us back in memory.


    We can enjoy the magnificent botanical world of the garden while walking on shady paths. Among the tall, historic trees we can absorb the atmosphere and the milieu while imagining the lives of previous owners. The playful alternation of hills rising by the path sometimes gives us the impression as if we were walking amid hills and valleys, but we can still see the elegant building of the castle through the tangled branches. The view of the forest floor vegetation and the bulbous plants emerging from under the leaves in early spring enchants visitors.


    This is where the geobiological point of the garden can be found. It brings tranquillity and inner peace with itself. Beside rhododendrons and flowering shrubs we can also see perennial crops of various colours and bulbous plants in early spring. They impress our sense organs as many of them seduce the visitors with their sweet scents.


    We are now at the eastern back of the castle park, which is the lowest point of the park. This is where the garden pond can be found, which is, from an aesthetic point of view, an important part of the castle garden, and also, it is of utmost ecological importance. Its environment reflects wetlands.


    Special, collected and rare plants can also be found here in Tura, like in every castle park of the period. In the “dream” we are in an enchanted place, where we can meet rare, unusual and extremely interesting plants everywhere. Visitors are surprised by the giant world of bulbous plants blooming in spring and autumn on both sides of the path.


    This is where the stage and the event space are found, with a characteristic, maze-like, clipped yew hedge in the background. The selected plants tell about the exquisite place through the colour of green and its thousands of shades.


    It includes the immediate surroundings of the castle, it is made up of the front and back Pleasure Ground, which are the important decorative elements of the garden. Their main aim is to highlight the magnificent facade of the castle in elegant atmosphere. This is where the Palm House with the outdoor pool and the terrace as well as the event tent can be found. The cone-shaped yew trees remind us of the topiary plants from the archive photos, and the plants which are clipped in the shape of a column build up the outdoor partition walls needed for protection. These are the open spaces where we can most enjoy the view of the historic trees rising elegantly above the clipped lawns in the garden.


    The wonderful castle garden can be visited by everyone at defined times, by prior appointment. The admission ticket costs HUF 2,500 and can be purchased on site. It includes a cup of coffee or tea, which is served after the walk. Please contact us on weekdays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm by email ( for more information on the available dates and reservation.